Saturday, May 29, 2010

Grilled Fish Packs

I have tried to post this several times but it seems something always got in the way! So here we are, at long last, a new post. Not that anyone was losing sleep about my lack of posts but it was definitely bugging me. Anyway, on to the fun.

Grilled Fish Packs

~1 halibut fillet (about 1 lb) cut in half
~1/2 T of cumin, rosemary, thyme, and cayenne
~1 can of cannellini beans
~2 c (about 6 medium) mushrooms chopped
~1/2 pint of cherry tomatoes
~1 T olive oil
~2 T balsamic vinegar
~Salt and Pepper to taste

1. Pre heat your grill
2. Sprinkle the fillet with salt and pepper
3. Scatter the other seasonings on a plate.
4. Rub the seasoning on the fish.
5. Drain and rinse the beans.
6. Put the beans, mushrooms, and tomatoes in a bowl.
7. Pour the olive oil in the bowl, and sprinkle some salt and pepper in it. Mix together.
8. Lay out a sheet of aluminum foil.
9. Place about half of the bean mix on the foil. Top with the seasoned fish.
10. Wrap the bundles so that the foil is sealed all around.
11. Place the packs on the grill and cook for 14 minutes or until fish is done.


~3 corn cobs
~1/4 cup of butter, softened
~Approximately 1/2 t thyme, parsley, and paprika
~1 clove of garlic, minced

1. Remove husks from corn.
2. Place corn on a sheet of aluminum foil.
3. Mix the spices and garlic into the butter.
4. Spread even amounts of the spiced butter on each cob.
5. Wrap in foil, and grill with the fish.

Ingredients all pretty and ready to go.

This is a beautiful piece of fish. Worth every single penny.
I just use a paper plate for the spices, easier clean up though far less "green".
Don't these look pretty? Now don't be scared. I know this looks like an overwhelming amount of spice but it's not. As it cooks in the packet the seasoning will melt off onto the veggies below.
Drain and rinse the beans. I can just eat these straight out of the can I love them so much.
Now I break for an intermission, a snack intermission. This is "moody blue" cheese from Whole Foods and holy mother is it good. I don't even bother with a cracker, just eat it as it is. Mmm...

Toss the beans, mushrooms, and tomatoes into a bowl. Toss in the olive oil and spices and mix well.
Now lay out a sheet of aluminum. I got these at the dollar store and now regret not buying ten boxes! They are pre-cut and perfectly sized sheets of foil.
Put about half of the bean mixture on one sheet, and top with the fish. Do the same with the rest on another sheet.
Start folding up the sides of the foil. Pour 1T of balsamic on each piece of fish.
Wrap the fish completely.
Now for the corn. Mix the butter, spices, and garlic together.
Place the corn on a piece of foil and pull up the sides.
Spread an even amount of the butter mix on each ear of corn.
Wrap the corn in the foil and set aside.
Take the packets and corn, and put them on the pre heated grill. They will cook for 14 minutes or so.
At which point I go in the house to pick the wine to be enjoyed with this fine meal. This was on special and I have never met an Australian wine I didn't like. This one didn't disappoint!
When the time is up go and get the stuff off the grill.
Open the pack and check to make sure the fish is done. If the fish is not quite done simply re-seal the foil and let it sit for a few more minutes. The fish will continue to cook in the foil. I actually like to take it off a little early and let it finish cooking in the pack. It stays so moist it is unbelievable.
Plate the fish, veggies, and corn. The best part about this recipe? The clean up couldn't be easier. The foil gets put in the recycling bin and there you have it.
Look at the inside of the fish. Heaven.
Well, judging from his plate, I think the man of the house enjoyed his meal.
This recipe is healthy as well as delicious. It is my own version of the Halibut Fish Packet recipe from Eating for Life by Bill Phillips. You can eat this and not feel guilty about having dessert afterward!