Thursday, January 5, 2012

25 Things About Me

There are so many people doing this I firgured I'd give it a shot also.

1. I was born in Minnesota.

2. I have ridiculously curly hair.

3. Without a doubt, I drop the F bomb more than I should.

4. My mom was born and raised in Bremerhaven Germany, which is also where my older brother was born.

5. I have 3 sets of teeth, rather than the usual 2.

6. I am a hemophiliac which is rare in females.

7. Contrary to what this blog states, I much prefer savory food over anything sweet.

8. I drink too much wine... but is there really such a thing?

9. I was raised mormon but I am not currently active in any church (uhhh see #'s 3 and 8).

10. I thought 25 things would be easy to think up but it's not...

11. My favorite # is 2.

12. January 26th is my birthday.

13. My favorite color is green.

14. Dream destination vacation would be Bora Bora or Iceland.

15. My favorite place to go on vacation is Santa Cruz California. There is a nice KOA there and we bring the dogs who LOVE it. Everytime we are there we have to go to Phil's Fish Market for dinner, and Los Palmas taco stand for Mexican food.

16. For me, feeding people is the most sincere way to show I care.

17. My favorite season is fall.

18. I love yoga.

19. I am currently listening to The Script, loving them at the moment.

20. I worked with autistic kids when I was a teen.

21. I read every single day, and don't think there are enough years to read all the books I want to read.

22. I am allergic to pineapple, bananas, and cantaloupe. Yes, it is just as awful as you think it would be.

23. When I was a kid I wanted to be a judge AND a forensic pathologist. Oh, and I was going to marry an architect. Seems it didn't work out that way.

24. I have been on two billboards in town.

25. Tom Hanks is my favorite actor.

I have several recipes in the pipeline and hope to post a new one tonight!

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BabyCa said...

Phil's fish market is phenomenal! And Tom Hanks is one of my favorites too. Stupid is as stupid does!